High quality Aoba Johsai gifts and merchandise. I think the first and second year Seijoh boys are underrated. Kenji Futakuchi (Japanese: 二口 (ふたくち) 堅治 (けんじ) , Futakuchi Kenji) was previously a second year at Date Tech High. tagged: +haikyuu +haikyuu!! Kyoutani Kentarou (2774) Yahaba Shigeru (2077) Oikawa Tooru (1690) Iwaizumi Hajime (1652) Matsukawa Issei (1111) Hanamaki Takahiro (1092) Kindaichi Yuutarou (859) Kunimi Akira (817) Watari Shinji (770) Kuroo Tetsurou (676) Include Relationships Kyoutani Kentarou/Yahaba Shigeru (1375) Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru (964) Issei Matsukawa (Japanese: 松川 (まつかわ) 一静 (いっせい) , Matsukawa Issei) is a 3rd year student in Class 1 from Aoba Johsai High; he isone of the middle blockers. A/N: I LOVE KYOUTANI! He hadn’t expected your call that evening. (ok that was a lie I like my life) It might be ooc for some parts but whoops. you hummed and swung your arm around his neck. Warnings: nsfw, a little bit of violence at the beginning, mention of abuse, soft kyoutani. “you were just dancing, don’t let me stop you,” kyoutani teased with a smile. In fact, you were the last person he’d ever expected to contact him again, not after how you’d broken up in a flurry of emotions, tears running down your cheeks and screaming as you … In the manga, his hair is shown to be more silver-grey than brown. haikyuu!! Series. HQ Rarepair Week 2021. Once subbed out for Kunimi Akira, he is confronted by Yahaba. FANON Or the time you literally threw yourself at Kyoutani. beads of sweat rolled down you face and kyoutani momentarily forgot his bitter mood. breakingpenguin is an independent artist creating amazing designs for great products such as t-shirts, stickers, posters, and phone cases. His warm breath tickles your cunt and when his whole mouth presses against your slit, your legs finally give out with a soft whine. Character pairing: tendou satori/reader/kyoutani kentarou. he hated how the air smelled of booze, drugs, and - unfortunately - sex. This is also for the October HaikyuuCreations' Monthly Prompt Event for the colour palette prompt. Kyoutani Kentarou/Tsukishima Kei; Tsukishima Kei; Kyoutani Kentarou; Post-Time Skip; Light Angst; Implied/Referenced Cheating; Fluff; Summary. +hinata natsu +natsu hinata +natsu haikyuu +hq natsu +draws +I JUST KNOW HER RECEIVES ARE GODLY . he wrapped his arms around your waist, pushed your hair down, and sunk his teeth into your skin. One is Yahaba having to deal with the stress of replacing his former captain Oikawa Tooru. Kentarou Kyoutani (京谷 賢太郎) Is a 2nd year student attending Aobajousai High. He wouldn't admit it, but he really enjoyed watching the clay form into different shapes and colors. Kyoutani is also often nicknamed by Yahaba as 'Ken' which is a shortening of his first name, Kentarou, In fanfiction, they are often shown trying to mend their relationship for the sake of the team. Kyoutani and Yahaba start off with a hostile relationship. you jumped, a mix between a yelp and a moan coming from your lips. Kyoutani walks into the gym, immediately yelled at by Yahaba at his long absence. Join Facebook to connect with Kentarou Kaneko and others you may know. #kyouhaba #kyohaba #kyoutani x yahaba #kyoutani kentarou #yahaba shigeru #forehead kisses #haikyuu fanart #ship art #my art #haikyuu #i also like. kyoutani crushed the cup in his hand and pushed through the crowd. He is always glad when you are at his training, even if it bothers him every time that Oikawa always talks to you. Tendou was heartbroken when he heard he couldn’t spend the countdown with you. Yahaba means width of an arrow and Kyoutani means capital city. Tendou comforting s/o on new years. a/n: extremely indulgent. He slams him against the gymnasium wall and tells him the importance of this match and if they were to lose because of Kyoutani, Yahaba would never forgive him. Your panties go down with your defenses and his tongue darts between your thighs, and again his hands have to steady you as your knees start to buckle. But he’s expecting this, and he catches you, and carries you to the bed. The next time they are presented on screen is a couple e… Canonical? Okay, but, consider Kyoutani and Terushima both falling hard for Yamaguchi it's not even funny and their respective teams have to go beg Yams to either reject them or whatever else he wants because things are getting out of hand when Terushima and Kyoutani spend the next game talking about Yamaguchi and his perfect smile and cute freckles over the net, not giving two shits about a game going on that they're in the middle of. Type (?) Day six: time skip / sendai frogs. Kyoutani Kentarou is here to help. !, kyouhaba, and yahaba shigeru music from your desktop or mobile device. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. After the 3rd years retired, Futakuchi became the captain of the team. Another common story is people fearing Kyoutani because of his appearance, which in turn isolates him. - stream 14 kyoutani kentarou playlists including haikyuu! cw: angst, suspicions of cheating, sexual themes but not too explicit. CANON An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Despite their appearances, most of the time Kyoutani is the quiet, innocent one whilst Yahaba is the foul-mouthed, sassy one. You melt with a sigh, and he dips down to his knees. kyoutani pulled away and looked around; the guys who were once crowding around you were gone. Kyoutani Kentarou (1373) Oikawa Tooru (733) Iwaizumi Hajime (664) Hanamaki Takahiro (413) Matsukawa Issei (411) Watari Shinji (397) Kindaichi Yuutarou (316) Kunimi Akira (302) Akaashi Keiji (270) Include Relationships Kyoutani Kentarou/Yahaba Shigeru (1581) Iwaizumi Hajime/Oikawa Tooru (580) Hanamaki Takahiro/Matsukawa Issei (366) kyoutani deepened his teeth, hands moving up to cup your neck. Yahaba was the only one who could get Kyoutani to work harder for their 3rd years. 8tracks radio. After the third years leave Yahaba becomes captain of the Aoba Johsai volleyball team and Kyoutani is his ace. This is the moment the current second years become the foundation of Aoba Johsai with Yahaba as the captain and Kyoutani as his ace. pairing: timeskip!kyoutani kentarou x reader (kinda) word count: 1.8k. His eyes are sharp and appear fierce and hostile (he almost appears to be wearing eye-liner, or has dark bags beneath his eyes), and he has small eyebrows. - Yamships anon, Traced and coloured these screenshots. “you could’ve just told me you wanted to go home.”, Iwaizumi and Kyoutani reacting to their s/o carrying them bridal style, kyoutani ‘what are you looking at’ kentaro, of all the pairings in the whole world of course it had to be this fucking one, #quick doodle before bed I spent the whole day watching dog shows, #YAMAGUCHI IS MY FAVE CHARACTER I MUST HAVE MORE OF THIS, #~i've fallen hard for teruyama so adding kyoutani makes it a thousand times better, October HaikyuuCreations' Monthly Prompt Event. KyouYaba. I DON'T OWN HAIKYUU OR THE CHARACTERS! i guess?? From this scene and from backstory presented by later episodes it is presumed that Kyoutani left the team either in his first year or early second year of high school. +yahaba shigeru +kyoutani kentarou +kyouhaba +THE POLKADOT BACKGROUND AFKSJDFDSHFD +I DIDNT KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO LMAO +draws +my kyouhaba favoritism is rlly starting to show but idc!!!!! As of 2021, he lives in Tokyo and is "between jobs"1. :). ... (Kyoutani Kentarou | Ushijima Wakatoshi ... Kyoutani always wants to have you with him, preferably to wrap his hand around your waist and show everyone that you belong to him. / timeskip!tendou & kyoutani btw. “I don’t want to fight anymore,” he replies. Teammates/Captain and Ace Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood, Kyoutani x Reader. Do you ever just wish Seijou are the main characters? Language: English Words: 464 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 19 Hits: 109 Twitter : @silviart605. warnings: mentions of anxiety, touch phobia, and chronic insomnia ; poly relationship ; au! pairing: tendou satori/reader/kyoutani kentarou. Kyoutani and Yahaba both attend Aoba Johsai High in Miyagi. Kyoutani Kentarou (2) Koganegawa Kanji (2) Yamaguchi Tadashi (1) Yachi Hitoka (1) Include Relationships Koganegawa Kanji/Kyoutani Kentarou/Tsukishima Kei (2) Kyoutani Kentarou/Tsukishima Kei (1) Koganegawa Kanji & Tsukishima Kei (1) Koganegawa Kanji & Kyoutani Kentarou & Tsukishima Kei (1) Koganegawa Kanji/Kyoutani Kentarou (1) Yahaba Shigeru Kyoutani Kentarou is her mysterious internet friend and maybe-crush. Kentarou Kaneko is on Facebook. He is a very powerful spiker. To hear the sound of an open palm hitting flesh the moment he’d left you at the doorstep in front of your parents’ home, and to turn around to see you crumple to the ground in shock, looking up at your clearly drunk and furious father in shock… His vision had turned as red as the blood starting to drip down your nostrils. kyoutani chewed hard into his inner cheek as he watched your hips move, arms above your head and smile on your face. Eventually, Aoba Johsai does lose the match to Karasuno and it shows Yahaba and Kyoutani, accompanied by fellow second year Watari Shinji, looking over at the opposing team. Discover more posts about haikyuu+x+reader. Haikyu!! He is said to have the best ability among the second years at Aobajōsai High, but his brash attitude is cause for poor relationships with other members of the volleyball team. As of 2018, he is a energy company employee and an outside hitter for VC Date, a municipal team in Miyagi. [Reader-Insert] [KYOUTANI KENTAROU X READER]: Kyoutani wouldn't really say that he was embarrassed to be seen with you. A/N: Kyoutani is such a simp for you oh my goodness. He lives up to his nickname of "kyōken" or "Mad Dog", given from the the start of hi… Keep reading |Kyoutani Kentarou x Reader| You've been avoiding the sport you love for so long but when your childhood friends force you to be their temporary manager, you can't help but feel that there's more to just meeting the members of the team. Lifts aren't hard if you have the right partner. aoba johsai oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime kindaichi yuutarou kunimi akira yahaba shigeru kyoutani kentarou hanamaki takahiro matsukawa issei watari shinji hq timeskip Status of Relationship Kyōtani is an easily identifiable character, particularly due to his short-cropped blond hair with two stripes running across the sides of his head, just above the ears. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. used the mark up to line and color this piece and boy was it a STRUGGLE #mark up as in the integrated iphone photos feature #glad it worked out in the end tho haha #i wish i was consistent with my art style tho ://// Kyoutani and Yahaba are both in the same year. Join Facebook to connect with Fukui Kentarou and others you may know. His eyes are round and brown, and he has thin eyebrows. No matter how many times you told him it would be better if he showed up to volleyball practice, he would only nod but never show up. Kyoutani Kentarou looked at the puppy on his lap, the small animal quietly sleeping while he held a block of clay in his hand. a/n: extremely indulgent. headcanons on how you pull a reverse uno card and fluster your flirtatious boyfriend. These two are quite a rare pair, but do have a decently sized following. Oh, when you love it.". your back now to him, kyoutani moved like a lion did his prey. i guess?? Kyoutani wasted no time in returning the kiss, a short startled grunt sounding in his throat, his hand instinctively resting over her own at his neck. Despite the small following, there are some common story lines shared between works. That night was burned in his memory no matter how hard he tried to forget --. These two first appear when Kyoutani is introduced during Season 2 Episode 14. kyoutani haikyuu yahaba iwaizumi oikawa aobajohsai haikyuufanfiction seijoh kyouhaba kunimi kageyama hanamaki nishinoya kindaichi karasuno hinata kyoutanikentarou matsukawa kentarou watari 85 Stories Sort by: Hot The name instantly rang a bell and you recalled being told about him by the coach when he told you Kentarou would be absent from practice for a little bit, and you could understand Kentarou had some sort of issue with the third years - Oikawa specifically, but you couldn't blame him because Oikawa is Oikawa He looked at how it had changed from a brown, wavy figure, to a pink, heart shape. On the court, he wears the … If only Yahaba would stop yelling at him for long enough for him to do some of the good he set out to do. He was the team's ace and wing spiker. He wanted to be there to celebrate with you but you reassured him you’d stay up to see him and he complied only sulking a little. Slash Kyoutani walks in to be immediately yelled at by Yahaba at his long absence. Keep reading Tsukishima Kei is a little insecure, but that's okay. Kyoutani Kentarou/Reader; Kuroo Tetsurou/Reader; Ojiro Aran; Kyoutani Kentarou; Kuroo Tetsurou; GN!Reader - Character; Fluff; Established Relationship; Headcanon; Summary. This is often resolved by Kyoutani telling him that he does not need to be a new Oikawa and should lead the team in his own way. In fact, you were the last person he’d ever expected to contact him again, not after how you’d broken up in a flurry of emotions, tears running down your cheeks and screaming as you attempted to drag him off of your father. ~Timeskip~ ”Look...it’s them.” ... "Kyoutani Kentarou. The same voice that just caused his fists to clench and his heart to race is now soft and pacified, and he’s proud to have won. Kyoutani Kentarou is angry at the universe, but to be fair, he's fairly justified in his fury. Also Known As I cared about the whole world, because of you. https://shipping.fandom.com/wiki/Kyouhaba?oldid=273609. He has neatly kept light brown hair and swishy bangs. When he can tell you’re about to break the reprieve with the start of another tirade, he moves quickly; he’s suddenly advancing onto you rather than standing firmly planted in stubbornness. Coach Ukai said, "Number sixteen is a double-edged sword," and Aoba Johsai will reply, "If that makes Kyoutani fit, then just stab me. From his most recent matches, he has struggled controlling that. he hated the way the ground vibrated from the loud music. And this is the story where they win and they go to the Nationals? Kentarou jogged to you, giving you a small hug and a grunt of affection to which you giggled at ; you handed a him a little gift bag and he just looked at it, then to you “open it, Ken. But really, if he backs down to please you like this, who’s really winning? Kyoutani Kentarou | Tsukishima Kei | Koganegawa Kanji. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. I can’t get this idea of Kyotani x reader in the middle of an argument and Kyo shutting them up by eating them out and then just absolutely ✨ railing ✨ them :). Later in season 2, actions taken by Yahaba and Kyoutani lead them to work better together as it can be seen in the Anime that Yahaba cheers for Kyoutani after they score a point together. As of 2021, Matsukawa works at a funeral company in Miyagi. Fukui Kentarou is on Facebook. ", "When is a monster not a monster? Kyoutani Kentarou Takahiro Hanamaki (Japanese: 花巻 (はなまき) 貴大 (たかひろ) , Hanamaki Takahiro) was previously a 3rd year wing spiker at Aoba Johsai High. Once settling their differences they are quite a pair to beat and act as an extremely easy duo to ship. This exchange helps Kyoutani get over the trouble he was facing trying to fit in with the team, and later proceeds to score his first point feeling welcomed by his fellow teammates in Season 2, Episode 23. he takes the tissue paper out, and pulls out a little green onesie with a frog on it. He is one of the shortest members of the team though this usually gets overlooked because of the rest of his appearance. fandom. i'm so happy ;u; #someone told me tumblr only uses the first couple tags, #so now i gotta organize before i talk lol, #i used one of the blending brushes this time that was fun, #i dont even know their names i had to google it, #im just a fan of angry sweaty red small children and the Bee guy meets my standards, Hanamaki and Oikawa are always bothering him for piggy back rides, the ladder usually dropping the asking part and just jumping on his back, Iwaizumi doesn’t mind carry you, though, and he even does it when you don’t need to be carried, Part of it is him wanting to show off while the other his just him wanting you to be comfortable, Not bad enough that he’ll be out of the game forever, but enough that he’ll be on the bench for a while, “Can you stand?” Oikawa asks as the team crowds around Iwaizumi, who is sitting on the floor and holding his injured foot, Within seconds, Iwaizumi is picked up, face pressed against your neck, “Let me take you to the nurse,” you calmly say, not a single quiver in your voice, That day, Iwaizumi learned the beauty of being carried, and that his s/o is pretty fucking strong, Kyoutani is the kind of man to carry his s/o like a sack of potato’s, but reversed so he can talk with you, He loves carrying you around because it’s just a constant reminder of how strong he is, It’s also a subtle flex on Iwaizumi so he can be like, “I have an s/o I can carry around while you’re stuck with that lanky, bastard setter”, What I’m saying is he never gives you a chance to carry him, So, Kyoutani is having one of his bitch-fits; yelling at Yahaba, using all his force for his spikes, ignoring everyone but Iwaizumi, “Get off the court,” Oikawa eventually says, tired and stressed, When Kyoutani doesn’t listen, they call you in, They expect you to sooth him, to use soft words to ease him, Instead, you stride over to your bastard bf and pick him up in a bridal carry while saying, “c’mon, big guy, you need a break”, Kyoutani is too flabbergasted, and strangely infatuated, to even care about how hard his team is laughing.

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